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Do you need a Spanish, English, French or Italian interpreter in Zaragoza?

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Texts or documents for companies, institutions and individuals.

I can help you check and improve the grammar, spelling, syntax and clarity of a text.


Need an interpreter in Zaragoza or Aragon? Looking for an interpreter for Spanish, English, Italian or French in the north of Spain? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me with the details of your project. I’ll analyse them and we’ll agree on the type of interpreting that will suit you best.

You’ll find a summary of the most common types of interpreting below.

Interpreting is a type of translation which involves a message being orally transmitted from one language to another.

Within this field, there are various techniques that have different characteristics, although they all have elements in common. For example, it’s always necessary for the interpreter to have crystal-clear sound, as well as a direct view of both the speaker and any presentations to be used.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of each type of interpreting:


Simultaneous interpreting is a technique which involves both the speaker and the interpreter talking at the same time. This technique requires technical equipment. Booths, for example, are essential for the concentration necessary. This is the perfect technique for long conferences held in large auditoriums, or if several different languages are required.



Consecutive interpreting involves the speaker talking first, whilst the interpreter makes notes.  Immediately after they’ve finished, the interpreter conveys the exact message in the other language. For this type of interpreting the only equipment necessary is microphones, depending on the size of the room. This is the perfect technique for press conferences or short events with only one speaker.


Whispered interpreting shares characteristics with simultaneous interpreting. In this case, the interpreter translates for just one or two people, standing very close to them and whispering the message in the other language. This means the flow of the meeting isn’t interrupted, as it is with consecutive interpreting. This technique is ideal if only one or two people require interpreting.


Liaison interpreting or bilateral interpreting is used for negotiations, meetings or interviews between two people or between small teams. The interpreter sits at the same table as the speakers and conveys information between those present in both languages. 


In recent years, remote interpreting, which uses platforms such as Zoom, has become one of the main techniques used. This is a type of simultaneous interpreting, but the interpreter doesn’t have to be in the same physical location as the speakers. These platforms offer an interpreting function which needs to be activated.



In our modern, international world, text translation is crucial for companies, institutions and private individuals. The main languages translated in Europe are currently Spanish, English, French and Italian. I can also help you with numerous other combinations thanks to my network of collaborators.

Some of my translation specialisations are:

Renewable energies


Legal texts

Luxury and gourmet products



Social development

All kinds of texts might need translating, from reports and website content to blogs, product descriptions, client communication and more.

Every text has its own unique set of characteristics, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to explain exactly what your needs are. I’ll get to work to guarantee that the final translated text exceeds your expectations and helps you achieve your business goals.

If you need a sworn translation in Italian, French, English or any other languages, I can also assist you with the help of my colleagues.


Revision and proofreading

Have a Spanish text, but think it needs professional revision?

I can help you ensure it’s flawless, easy-to-read and has no inconsistencies or grammatical errors.

Written texts have to be crystal clear in order for the intended message to be conveyed without anything standing in its way. A text with spelling mistakes, disjointed sentences or poorly chosen words can hamper smooth communication, and professional proofreading can help stop you from falling into those traps.

Some of the document types I can help you with are:




Restaurants menus

Website texts

If you need to proofread a text in English, Italian or French, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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Spanish, French, Italian, English, Catalan and Portuguese translator and interpreter in Zaragoza and northern Spain. Specialised in business communication, renewable energies, fashion, luxury and tourism.

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